Pedals: For Jim C Lovers.

So I was checking around at parts on Dan’s Comp today…

I found the Odyssey Trail Mix pedals.

The difference? No Knurling, so dirt won’t stick so much to them, and longer pins all around, and the middle part is significantly thinner.

Best change for the weight weenies! Only 552.8 grams vs. 731.4 grams.

Another addition. 17mm Wide spindle end, so you can use an adjustable wrench to install them if you don’t have the proper tools.

Discuss! :sunglasses:

Needs more grip.

For each his own.

I like echo magnesium pedals.

How much did you pay for those?

Actually, how much do they cost? In case you got them for a deal price.

I tried them from a bike trials guy. He shipped them from the UK. I’m going to get them when I get the cash to buy the Triton frame :sunglasses: .
I’ll have to get a job again though:(

I found them online for 45 Euro’s… about $60-65 CAD…

These Trail Mix and Jim C’s are both $35 USD… which somehow turns into $65 CAD locally.

I can hardly see the difference between the two. Although the reduced weight intrigues me…

The whole point to them is that they are similar, but weigh less.

Do you see the difference now?

Sounds good to me.

EDIT: ah, it’s more obvious now.

i don’t know if i like the look of them … the JIM c’s are much beefier looking/stronger than the one you posted also, the knurling does a lot for grip itself. you could ride w/ no pins if you had the right shoes.