Pedals For Grabbing Rails ?

I am looking for some extremely grippy pedals so i can pedal grab up to or over rails much easier.I have amazing balance on one foot on my feet but i find my pedals arent grippy enough.I ride jc oddysey pedals and i have read the other pedal threads but it wasnt really what i was looking for.

Ah, well, I was just going to suggest the Odysey JC’s. :roll_eyes:

'Cause they have the knurling in between the pins…

I havent tested it out yet but i think i may have already solved the problem.I wrapped some skateboard griptape round the middle part of the pedal.

Haha rate yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

For metal rails, I’d probably say some decent plastic pedals would grip the best. Although griptape would probably do the job

Nah i tryed plastics before and they just slid right off.I used the nimbus dx plastics.Lmao i wrote i have awesome balance on one foot (on my feet) haha.:stuck_out_tongue:

soft rubber, softer than your tire

What round the pedals ? or pedals made out of soft rubber ?

Butterfly pedals they are realy nice for that stuff only they aren’t cheap 80euro, but I have buy mine in a decathlon shop there they cost only 40euro

Jan H

well u shouldn’t really need all that much grip if u do it right. the very moment ur pedal lands on the rail u hav to throw urself and the uni over straight away and u shouldn’t hesitate for even a moment. if u do it this way then u can do it on rail that doesn’t hav anything underneath it for ur wheel to push against and it’s alot easier once u get used to it

I can pedal grab over rails easy enough its for getting onto rails which im after.Like how ryan atkins does it in “rails big moves and more rails 2”.

Don’t use the butterfly pedals for pedal grabbing, the bearings in them aren’t made for that and you will end up with your pedals flying off the spindles. I would recommend using a lot of grip tape.

A good method would be to remove all the pins in the pedal, put the griptape on the whole pedal, make sure that non of it is loose, and wrap any extra bits around the pedal. Then use the back of a key or a know to rub down all the corners so that it will help it stay creased.

Finally poke holes using an xacto blade where the pins go and put the pins back into the pedal.

The griptape is definitely the best way to improve your grip on rails but I find it can come off easily so I would recommend going through the whole process to put it on properly.

Also if you are trying to pedal grab onto flat rails then I think it would be better to remove the pins and using just the griptape, this way there is more surface area in contact with the rail.