pedals, do they make that much difference?

i ordered new pedals last week because my plastic ones snapped and now i cant 180 jump mount or hop SIF anymore :frowning: will they just take time to get used to or should i get some of the same pedals i had?
i was using basic plastic pedals and now have DX Muni pedals

They are probably more or less grippy then your old ones and you should get used to them eventually.

i switched from plastic to metal pedals and I got used to them after a couple days. Once you get used to them you will prolly like them more.

If you’ve switched to metals then it might just be that your avoiding landing it instinctively so you don’t pedal bite your shins. The grip can also make riding feel different. It just takes some getting used too thats all.

I also believe its easier to do crankflips etc. with plastic pedals, but I have no experience there

Metal pedals are way better if the pedals or your shoes get wet, and for better grip all around

Eh, I’ve ridden 4 types of plastics and 3 types of medals. Wouldn’t really say that’s true. Maybe worn down plastics to worn metals.

I think metals are better for non tech street and sometimes trials, plastics for flat, freestyle, and tech street.

When wouldn’t metal pedals be better for trials?

My trials / mountain pedals are straitlines which are amazing, they are the grippiest pedals I’ve ridden.

I also have various plastic pedals that I use for everything else.

To Alister:

Your problem is probably foot placement. You were used to having the ability to move your feet around with the slick plastic pedals but you can’t with the metal ones because of the pins. You could get some cheap plastic pedals like the normal black Odyssey PCs (about $10 from a bike shop) or just get used to it. If you can get your feet in the right place starting out you should be good, and once you are used to them you should get pretty adept at adjusting your feet even with the grippy pedals.