Pedals: Axiom Road Gap Flats?

Has anyone used these pedals? I tried searching but didn’t find much information. I’m using Snafu’s now, and have ridden my brother’s Wellgo B-37’s. I’m looking for new pedals for Trials/MUni and am considering buying these, for way less then the retail price:

Both my brother and I have had problems with the Snafu pedals with pins falling out by stripping the threads, even though I don’t grind. These have more pins and screw in from the top so that looks better.

Are these good pedals, what are the pro’s and con’s?

Thanks for any input,

well, they look good, that’s for sure…
i might even get some depending on when my wellgos wear out…


i’m seriously thinking about kicking down for the Crankbrothers 50/50s,

you should check them out,they have removable plates for pin placement

Re: pedals

Those look like some nice pedals! However, I would be worred about the removable plates snapping off if you hit them too hard.

Does anyone use the Axiom pedals? Or even heard a unicyclist using then? They look very much like the Welgo pedals.

Re: Re: pedals

I’m sure Kris Holm has used them since they’re a Norco product. I don’t know what kind of bearing design the Axiom pedals have. One problem with the Wellgo and similar pedals have is they put a lot of side load on the sealed cartridge bearing. The bearing will eventually fail (fall apart) and the pedal body will fall off the spindle. Usually happens in the middle of a ride.

Have you looked at the Odyssey JC (Jim Cielencki) pedals? They seem to hold up well to abuse from pedal grabs and such. Make sure all of the grip screws are tight to begin with and install the screws with Loctite just to make sure they stay tight. Not the most grippy pedal if you’re also doing muni. But seem to be very good for trials.

Pedals that I like for muni are the AtomLab Aircorp, but I have the old model and haven’t tried their new bearingless design yet. I also like the look of the Specialized Lo Pro Mag platform pedals. Should be a good muni pedal. I’m thinking of trying the Specialized pedals when my Aircorps wear out. But if you’re breaking pins off I don’t think either the Aircorps or the Specialized Lo Pros will suit your style of abuse.

yeah they are a f**kin awesome pedal.

the are very flat and pretty damn strong, i only broke one cos i grinded the metal too thin.

i defintiely suggest getting them… they dont completely stick your shoe on (which is good for street) but they can if you have a grippy shoe. for mountain and trials.

plus if you dont really grind a hell of a lot, they will last you a very long time