Pedals and shoes and coffee

I went out yesterday to a local track used by cyclists and dog
walkers. A new record distance for me of 6.5 km on the 20" ensued, and
I still felt fairly fit (if very thirsty) at the end. Only eight or
ten UPDs, a couple in places where I’d expect to, the rest mainly
caused by my feet slipping on the pedals into an irrecoverable
position. The weather was
damp going on very wet at times.

I was wearing my usual walking shoes, with hard rubber soles, and the
pedals are basic BMX style with stubby little studs (about 2 mm high x
2 mm diameter). Now, I don’t want to change the pedals because they’re
fine with those shoes in the dry. I was thinking maybe a flat-soled
shoes with a softer base might be grippier in the wet. Someone in
another thread mentioned shoes with heels to aid positive placement.
One doesn’t see such things much nowadays outside of business

On another topic, I find it much harder to cycle after drinking
coffee. A couple of strong cups and I’m tense and wobbling all over
the place. A couple of beers and I’m relaxed and cool!


I found skate shoes a big improvement. They’ve got soles with a low embossed pattern which grip the pedalpins well and are fairly easy to reposition.

I too had problems with coffee at same stage of learning as you. It will pass as you gain confidence. The optimum used to be about one pint of beer (of routine English strength). I don’t really notice the coffee now, but too much beer makes it difficult!