pedaling up hills

I was wondering if anyone noticed if the tread on their tires wore out quicker if they did a lot of hill climbing?

Mike Adams

I imagine it puts more wear & tear on that riding on level ground, or riding downhill. Also, depending on your technique, if you’re twisting a lot as you go, this could quicken the wear as well.

I can’t imagine it’d be very noticeable, but I suppose. Some tires never seem to wear out. I’m sure someone has done it, but I’ve never seen a nightrider tire worn to the nub, 3K+ miles on mine and it still looks almost new! O.o Then again, my 20 inch tire showed a difference in wear from idling in the first few months.

As john mentioned, twisting motions that scrape the tire tend to be the biggest contribution to wear. Your individual weight makes a huge difference too.

Do you tend to wear out tires quickly, or just curious? If you can remember the month in which you bought your last tire, it’s probably time to start buying better tires : P

tire wear

Did alot of climbing in San Francisco for a few years. I used 6-7 different tires, on 3 unicycles. My tires all wore out from twisting on the steep downhills. I rotated my tire every 2 months and that helped me get more life out of it.