Pedal weights

Just for fun the other day I weighed some pedals I had around. I wanted to
find out which was lightest and put that on my Coker. Here are the pedals
with weights of a single pedal in grams:

Easton Cully 286
Man 'O War 238
Odessey Triple Trap 300
Odessey Twisted Plastic 202
Snafu 334 (without pegs)
Wam B1 280
Wellgo B-27 242
Wellgo Magnesium MG-1 190

Some of these come in two flavors, with and without sealed bearings. Mine
are all with sealed.

So the MG-1s are now on my Coker, replacing the Wams. I noticed an immediate
improvement in slow speed control as the pegs on the MG-1s are way better. I
got the MG-1s recently from Performance for $25. I’ve been using the Man 'O
Wars for the last year on my Muni and they are great. The Wellgo B-27
appears to be basically the same pedal.


Is that right that the twisted pc’s have sealed bearings?

Thanks for the stats Nathan,

I’m probably getting some DK iron crosses soon and they are a massive 665g per pedal. (reported from website)

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No sealed bearings on those twisted ones. They are the cheapos. I didn’t
even know they came that way…


“Checkernuts” <> wrote in message
> Is that right that the twisted pc’s have sealed bearings?
> Thanks for the stats Nathan,
> I’m probably getting some DK iron crosses soon and they are a massive
> 665g per pedal. (reported from website)

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I picked up both of these when John Childs (?) pointed 'em out a few weeks back. The B-27 feels a bit lighter than my Twisted Pro… not quite as much as I’d like -but hey, they cost a pitence over $20!! The MG-1’s don’t look like they’ed hold up to MUni, but WOW are they light! Destined for the new 36’er. I will be kicking myself for not ordering a box full, some where down the road.


know of any good places to get some man-o-wars?

Portugal, of course.

darnit, so many things that I ignore, but i guess someday ill have to go man-o-war-ing…

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On Sat, 14 Dec 2002 13:14:31 -0600, harper
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>Max_Dingemans wrote:
>> *know of any good places to get some man-o-wars? *
>Portugal, of course.

Oh I thought Iraq (not to mention US).

Klaas Bil

"In Vermont, USA, it is illegal for a women to wear false teeth without written consent of their husbands. "

Try the beaches of hawaii they got big ones ther with up to 30 foot stingers(not fun trust me that was the worst day of my life when i was 7)


Have you still got your MG-1’s? How are they holding up?

I just ordered some for my Diet Coker. I think they are still the lightest BMX style platform pedals out there.

I can’t believe you got them for $25. I paid NZ$99 for them, off a second hand website. I think they retail for about NZ$160 in NZ.


Roger (Davies) had Wellgo magnesium pedals these at Mountain Mayhem.

They have the typical sealed bearing pedal problem of exploding when the bearings go, and exploded as he was near the start of the lap, leaving him riding the rest of the lap on just the spindle.

I’ve got azonic fusion magnesium which apparently weight 235g each pedal and are unsealed, which makes them less likely to explode and die suddenly, but obviously slightly heavier.

Alternatively if you really want super lightweight pedals a set of road quill pedals + half clips might be nice. I know some of the faster riders over here are riding with clips now. A pair of pedals like this only weighs 300g, and the plastic clips weigh next to nothing.


It is worth pointing out that those pedals were not new and had done a LOT of mileage. What was a surprise was that they went so dramatically.


Where is Performance?

Where is this “Performance” place? Got a URL?


I had the same thing happen to my Wellgo Magnesiums; with no obvious warning, the bit that holds the sealed bearing cartridge failed and the whole pedal fell off the axle with no way to repair it. Fortunately it happened in the parking lot just before what was to be a long ride, so we were able to shoot out to a bike store and still do the ride.

The same thing happened to Ed Hansen when I was riding with him in Moab in 2004.

Yeah, that’s what my Azonic a-frames did too. Most sealed bearing pedals will do that.

Atomlab pedals don’t have this failure mode which is nice. I’ve never seen it happen to any loose bearing pedals either.


This is the hallmark of the Wellgo pedal… complete and total failure. It seems to happen to just about any model of Wellgo pedal. Methinks the engineer doesn’t ride his own designs often enough.

I run Welgo mags on my backup Muni, which has 150 cranks – I use this rig on less technical runs where speed in desired. On tech trails, this pedal just doesn’t have enough surface area and my foot gets beat up doing big drops. Otherwise I love the lightness and grip.


Wow, didn’t realise there were so many issues with the bearings. I hope they hold up.

One thing concerns me though- if they suddenly fail, does the pedal body just fall off the spindle without warning? Sounds like a recipe for a nasty crash if you’re spinning at high revs’

I wasn’t riding it when it happened, but I think it started to get really sloppy before it totally fell off. It shouldn’t be as much of an issue for road riders, because you don’t put as much outward force on the pedal. In fact, that might be how Wellgo stays in business; maybe the pedals just don’t fail that often under typical bike loads, but when we use them for MUni we put much greater sideways stress on them.