pedal upgrade?

What would be a good pedal upgrade for a nimbus II (I do freestyle riding)?

I am a big fan of the Shimano DX pedals, Chirokid woulf tell you to use the long pins, but I prefer to keep them in the tool box rather than my shins or calves.:smiley:

PS probably not the best choice for freestyle. :astonished:

Any one else? Also is there a place I can buy them besides where the shipping is over half the price of the pedals :frowning:

I just use pedals that cost £2.50 from and they’re great! They wear out on concrete if they get bashed loads, but I got a couple pairs so it’s all good. What about KHE Stimulatorz? They look ok, I did toy with the idea of trying them out, but I figure mine are still good. Most bike shops would do pedals that are good enough for freestyle. I have seen some white plastic pedals that have rubber around the edge so you don’t scuff up gym floors.

Bedford carries Welgo platform pedals that are plastic, they are awesome.