Pedal recommendations?

OK so I finally busted my plastic cheapo pedals and want to upgrade to some real pinned pedals (with the option of removing/replacing pins).

I’m thinking Snafus look really good, I want to ride MUni, no grinding. Any recommendations? I have KH crank arms. I tried the Search button, nothing too conclusive…



well… i dont have them on my uni yet(but soon will)… but Drive Magniesium<–(spelling? :thinking: ) are really nice. i have them on one of my bmx bike and they have tons of grip. once i get the money i plan to get them for my uni. they are available at that its a b*ke store to all biker haters out there!!:stuck_out_tongue: )


The Welgo B76 B77 and B83 all look really sweet. Tioga also has some nice pedals. Ryan Atkins swears by straitline. Whatever you do get the pins that are used in tha above pedals and not the Allen pins. the Alen pins suck. If you don’t want to spend so much on pedals then the Snafu and Odessy pedals are ok. I feel that pedals are very important for MUni. Most of my UPDs are the result of my feet sliding off the pedals.


I decided on the Odyssey JC’s. They look like they’re durable, and at a good price point. I like the way the pins seat on the inside of the pedal frame.


the Odyssey JC’s came with my KH20, but I had to switch to a pair of Eastern’s that are compatable with my grindplates. Just look for the cheapest pair of Eastern’s on You can chose from about 6 different colors and the pedals come with removable pins. Buy some.


$100 and worth it.

JC’s are very heavy

At about 730 grams/pair. It is worth spending 30 $ more to get a good set of magnesium pedals. You would take 10.5 oz off the outer rotating mass with these.
You can very much feel the difference.:slight_smile:

Jackshits are awesome for grip Jimmy c’s might not have the grip you want for uni I use them for street though and they work great for that…

DMR v12s. There’s a review on the product review page.

I use them for distance riding. Lovely pedal.

JCs dont tend to grip very well at all in mud/wet conditions so… maybe not so good for muni :wink:

All I had to do was replace the crappy pedal pins that came with them with some longer syncros pedal pins, never losses grip, actually has too much grip sometimes. I can’t adjust the position of my feet once they’re on the pedals :smiley:

ooo nice maybe ill try that :smiley: i did get a load of pins with my KH20 but all the holes in the pedals were all ready filled and they looked no bigger than the current ones :thinking:


just make sure you have leg armor, the syncros pedal pins are 1/4 inch long and are vicious on tissue. Ouch, ouch, scars aren’t fun. Oddsends has seen my torture-device pedals before. :smiley: hehe

Just out of curiousity

None of my business, really can’t care… but I am a bit stunned. Humor me please. Why would you consider 730 gram JC’s for 30 $, comparable, or better then 434 gram DMR’s for 60 $? Does the concept that heavy is worth trading away for light+30$ hold no sway here? Don’t you realize that KH buys these things by the 1000 for 12 $/pair and adds them to KH’s because they look good and add the bare min to the uni cost not sink in? At all? Do you think Kris rides with those door stops ? He sells uni’s, not pedals, and basically gives you those so you can use the cash saved to buy a set of good pedals that you like.
Please explain to me what is it about these 730 gram pedals you actually like, that pedals 1/2 the weight do not have. :roll_eyes:

they came with my uni, and I don’t want to pay for additional pedals, that’s what’s better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like your answer

It’s honest, and makes sense in a “I’m just having fun with my uni”, sort of way. Very respectable. However, to justify buying 730 gram pedals for 30 $ rather then 434 gram pedals for 60$ is a different question. That’s a lot of weight to pile on your cranks to save 30$. What’s wrong with these DMR v12’s?
434 grams 60$ ?


i ride my tryall pedals, and love them. they are in my opinion better than my friends jackshits


Those DMRs have allen pins. I hate them. I currently have a pair of Bontrager “Big Earls” on my KH24. A very comfortable pedal. They grip my feet great but I hate the Allen Pins on them. They are very sensitive. They get knocked out every time the pedal hits a rock. The Allen pins also get filled up with mud and bent. You can never remove them with the Allen Key! The set up of the Jimmy C and even Snafus are better where you screw the pin in from the inside of the pedal. Now the Jimmy Cs are pretty slippery and don’t give much grip but they seem fine for street riding. The Welgos that I mentioned above and the Straitlines that Ryan Atkins use are a much better set up. They use hex bolts for pints and seem much stronger. Unless you are into hard core MUni the Jimmy Cs should be fine. I don’t think that the 300 or 400 grams is going to make that big of a difference. And yes $30 is a lot of money for most high school kids.


I got some JC’s because a lot of people hear seemed to like them. They are a bit heavy. I think they are over built in spots. In my Machining class this fall I’m going to lighten these areas. Also it is a pain to get pedal protectors to fit at all and still I have to use zip ties for them to stay on.

What I like about pedals w/ metal pins is you can “tune” how much traction you have. My JC’s came w/ some longer screws (only 8), which helped, but not enough for me, so I got some more at the hardware store.

I also have some Jackshits and they work very well.

I find w/ longer cranks I like fewer/shorter pins than w/ shorter cranks.

If you’re losing pins, you should loctite them in. With some of the posh pedals, like I think DMRs, they come loctited in to start with.

Personally I’d get V8s over V12s, they are slightly heavier (528g), but they are unsealed bearing, which is always going to be superior to sealed bearing pedals for muni.