Pedal recommendation

Pedals? I’ve gone through a few of them.

1.) Aluminum studded pedal = nasty bear claw gashes on your shins. Unless, you wear like KH shin guards that protect both front and back.

2.) Plastic studded pedal = twisted ankle if you are doing lots of static tricks or idling practice. To avoid you must learn to “forcefully” jump off these pedals. They tend to grab you’re shoes. Same problem with Al studs, also.

3.) Smooth pedals = best for learning. You can quickly slide feet off when in trouble. Also, for “not quite perfect” free mounts you can kinda of wiggle your feet and ‘get centered’ onto the pedals, if you are not. Only problem, wet conditions…yes slippery…watch out…but then just stay dry.

If you are a beginner, or an expert trying to learn idling or static tricks stick with smooth pedals. If you are doing high mileage, yes go for the plastic or aluminum studded pedals to prevent feet “moving” during long distance. If you are doing off-road wear “pads” to keep the bear claws away.