Pedal question

Hello there,

I have been plotting to get a unicycle for a while now, and today is the day! I am getting a Nimbus 26 ISIS Muni, but I hear that pinned metal DX pedals lead to many injuries. I expect to get my cuts and bruises as I learn, but I was wondering what y’all might suggest in the way of other pedals. I wasnt sure if I should go for the plastic DX or maybe a Union ATB or what might be a good idea, so I think I will just use a lifeline to “ask the audience.” I dont want to have killer pedals, but then again i need something a bit grippy as I will be going to college in a mountainous region, where i can expect rain and frequent snow. I really appreciate your input!:slight_smile:

i would suggest if you have never ridden before and you are learning to get both if you can afford it get some plastic cheap pedals and then though them away once u have learnt or get shin guards and metal pedals

mmkay. Btw, i have no interest in mountain Uni-ing, if that makes any difference. I am just getting the cycle i am because the area i will be in would be too unruly for a non-muni, in the way of weather

or standard plastic pedals will work, then switch back to the pinned ones when you are comfortable on your new uni.

egg.bmp (212 KB)

i heard these are quite grippy for plastic too.


cool, thanks a bunch. I will look into those pyramids. Any other ones that are less of beginner things that one would use more for cummuting that i could look into for once i get a bit better?

plastic pedals are not just for beginners, many proficient riders use them, especially for street. I have plastic on my 24" and never have any problem with grip. Once you get better, if you want more aggressive pedals, put the stock ones back on, they are perfectly good.

Thanks so much! I will deffinitely order those along with my new cycle.

no problem, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

I think it’s hard to beat the Odyssey Twisted PC plastic pedals. They cost $12, have a good platform (same as the Odyssey metal pedals), they’re light and they have plastic “pins” which do a reasonable job of keeping your foot steady.