Pedal question

I put my first unicycle together yesterday. And i noticed that when you put the pedals on you have to screw them on in deiffernt directions to get them on. And my question is is it like this with trick bikes also. OR is it just some companyies that do this?

So my main question is could i order some pedals from and have them fit my unicycle?

Im pretty sure most all pedals are threaded this way so that when you pedal, the pedals tighten themselves and stay tight in the crank.

Those pedals will work. I always just use pairs of bmx pedals, right know I have Kona Jackshits that are great.

Only way they would fit is if the thread size is different than your crank threads, but because unicycles use the standard thread size, pretty much all pedals are gonna fit.


It seems they are all bike pedals

In 1/2 " and 9/16" crank hole size. You almost for sure need 9/16. We are to small of a market to have a pedal made just for us. The side bash pedal !

the common rule of thumb is 1piece cranks get 1/2" pedals and 3 piece cranks get 9/16" pedals…
as for 2 piece cranks it depends on what size was threaded to fit the crank…
our unicycles have 3 piece cranks so therefore we fit 9/16" pedals…

drive magnisium<—(spelling?) from danscomp are awesome, i have them on my bmx bike