pedal question...

i went to my lbs today in search of some new pedals for my new trials uni. and i found these(pictured below). they seemed great :10 removable pins on each side, relatively light, metal, and made by a reputable company. i just wanted to kno what you guys thought of these or if you think i should go for something else?

p.s. these only cost $30 CAD


thoes look good (i am no expert tho) but could u find thoes or something like thoes somewhere else cheaper???

i dont think so…theyre made by kona so i was suprised to see them even at that price. i think im gonna buy em unless someone can sway me otherwise with some proof that they arent any good.

seager loves his.

I bought a pair after buying new cranks for my uni, i love them, very grippy, not that heavy, have taken a great beating and i have only bent one pin from doing a pedal grab.

Only difference is, i got my pair for 15 dollars =p

kona is a great mtb brand!!

so i am definetly sure they will hold up just fine for u.
they also look like they have a really nice platform, which is a good plus!!

i say get em

ok thanks guys img gonna go ahead and buy em…then ill write a review for them for you guys .

They look like Kona JackShit pedals, if not very similar. I rode with these on both my muni and trials uni for quite a while. I thought they were okay, but not strong enough in the spindle. Both of mine bent quite badly. They’re no weaker than most MTB pedals though. I also thought they were a little too bulky (in depth) and heavy (although I can’t quite remember about the weight) for my liking.

I wouldn’t recommend them. They’re not all that bad, but I prefer the old Odyssey Twisted Pro’s (do they still make them?) as they are just as strong but a nicer shape and lighter, I think.


Why Pay 30$ For Pedals Whne U Can Get Something As Good At Walmrt For 10$

because i llike these ones that why

Because Wal-mart pedals are pure crap, that’s why.