Pedal Question

Do sealed bearings last longer under pedal stalls?

Just want to know if I should shell out the extra 30-40 dollars.

It really depends. I wouldn’t buy a set of sealed bearing pedals for trials since no matter what I’m gonna trash them so the extra cash for sealed bearings seems pointless. I’ve also completely demolished the bearings on 2 wellgo b-37s and watched as a friend demolished an Easton pedal with pedalgrabs. Many sealed bearing pedals use balls as small as 1mm-1/16" diameter, which is waaaaay too small to handle the lateral forces of pedalgaps and such. I would stick with unselaed barings, unless you insist on riding thourgh sand without doing any pedla maintainence.

Re: Pedal Question

The seals on said bearings are more for keeping out moisture, mud, sand, etc. I’ve got a pair of Odyssey JC’s with sealed bearings and have ridden on the beach, in the wash, through some mud and all over God’s creation and they still spin like the day I got 'em.

Another advantage of sealed bearing pedals is the maintenance factor. With conventional pedals, the day they start creaking is the day you throw 'em out. Sealed bearings pop out of the pedal (with a little work) and are easily replaced.

I’m not sure about the strength factor…