pedal protectors

Am teaching a small group and eventually we’ll get to the gym… what is out there to put on pedals to protect the gym floor? Already emailed and they don’t have anything.

Thank you for any links/ideas.

When Twin Cities Unicycle Club uses a gym, we make sure everyone has plastic pedals, and that’s good enough to protect the wood floor (or at least appease the anxious gym owners). If there are metal pedals or metal “crash contact points” on seats, we’ll just put a generous portion of masking tape on them.

I’ve seen some pedals made for barefoot riding that are 100% resin/rubber. I see them advertised as “Sunlite” brand but the endcap says they are Wellgos. Hmm.

I’d be curious to try something like that out, although duct tape might be just as easy. :slight_smile: is listing some pedals named Rubber-X that are plastic pedals with a rubberized end for max gym floor protection.

The Qu-Ax Freestyle have soft rubber padding. I switched to the white Miyata Freestyle pedals, they don’t have padding, but usually don’t leave marks.

Pic of the MKS Rubber-X

Perfect for indoors!

Thank you, All

I appreciate the tips and link.

The MKS are actually called Runber-X, not Rubber-X. They’re made in Japan and are pretty good pedals. They’re described by MKS are “unicycle pedals”, so they’re clearly for our sport.
MKS also have a PB-50 pedal listed as unicycle, but I’ve never seen them and they seem less grippy on picture.

MKS products are easy to find in Europe, I’m surprised they’re not common in the US. I sold a pair recently, don’t know if the person who bought them uses them.

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