Pedal Protector Sizing

i was just wondering do These fit on the Tryall Pedals that come with the K1 devil? and if so what size would i need thanks

what on a pedal needs protecting?

Its more to dampen that awful PINNGGG when they hit the ground.

Pedal protectors are coloured rubber, so not matter how often you drop them they won’t show the scratches as much as metal would. Also, as Evan says, they dampen the “EVERYBODY, LOOK AT THE UNICYCLIST WHO JUST FELL OFF” noise your pedals usually make.

I also like them because I keep my unis indoors and they help stop me from chipping / scratching things in the house.

that dampening helps the pedals last longer, as the sudden stress of hitting the ground is lessened. keeps them nice and tight.

Anybody use pedal protector on their cokers?

Pedal protectors are most useful for indoor riding, as they’re very floor-friendly. But they’re also handy outdoors to cut that awful dropped-uni noise, as well as to reduce shock and impact on the pedals, helping them last longer.

But they do add weight. My Coker is heavy enough, so I haven’t tried them on there, but on the other hand it’s all about training so why not? When Cokers fall over, they land HARD.

you got it,
but do they fit on the try all pedals?

i kinda need to know this so im bumping this thread

Did you try the Click Here link on their site? It shows the pedal shapes, so maybe you can just do a comparison.

I have them on all my unis, including my coker. Cheap insurance for me.

they also slow your uni down when you upd, cause as soon as the pedal hits, the rubber grips the road and stops you from having to chase after it. i’d assume this is more of a problem of big wheels because of the greater inertia.

dont have tryall pedals yet was gonna order both at same time

They also make the uni bounce 10’ in the air. But I found that my nuts and bolts don’t vibrate loose as quickly with them on. I had to modify my pedals (odessy pc’s) for the protectors to fit. One of them broke off 3 days later, but I think that was my fault. I’m sure they’d be ok on any pedals that don’t need modifying. They’re ok I guess. Just make sure you do your pedal modification very carefully and according to the instructions, if it’s necessary.

Yes I do.

Me too.

I’ve had a couple of ‘incidents’ in London where the metal pedals on my 29er have come in to contact with cars bodywork. With the N36 being wider and less manoeuvrable, I did’t want to risk scratching anyones car, even if it is their fault.


they say they fit wellgo, and that wellgo pedal looks like the try-all black/red labels. (wellgo make the try-all red/black label pedals)

How much do these weigh? i might get some when i get my new pedals if they are good

Pedal Protectors weight

A pair weighs 75g approx 3oz

Bumping an old thread.
Does anyone have the mod for Odyssey pedals? I keep getting a page load error when I try to dl the pdf. I need pedals and kinda like the blue plastic twisted ones and want to put black protectors on them. I want to know how involved the mod is.

From memory (insert long disclaimer here) I’m confident it’s just a case of cutting some of the plastic off with a craft knive.

I use a home-made pedal protector. I get a very thick length of rubber tubing and make a ‘U’ shape out of it that can be fitted into the holes in the pedal sides as in the photo. It works very well but the rubber has to be thick-walled and it lasts for months - assuming you dont UPD too much :slight_smile:

Also I have some rubber protectors on the T7 indicated in the photo with red arrows. They may not seem much but they protect that part of the T7 that hits the ground just on its corner. They also protect the brake clamp. I think they look kind of cool as they have a swept back look about them :sunglasses:

By the way, notice my ODO reading is just coming up for 20 miles - my last run yesterday. Bad news I UPD’d badly on the last few hundred yards and had to go the GP today. Cracked rib!! will be off for a few days and I have a cycle event to do in two weeks time!!