Pedal problems

I just got some new odyssey pc’s and I’m noticing that one is slightly loose. I can only feel it when I jump or put pressure on that foot. Whenever I wiggle it with my hand though it feels like it is in there pretty well. I’ve loosened then tightened, I’ve taken it off and put it back on, but nothing seems to work. What do you think is wrong with it?

same thing is happening to me. I just got new PC’s and the left one always pops whenever i pedal and it is annoying my. idk what to do though maybe tighten up the bolts inside

Yeah I want to start doing 5 pallets again up I’m worried that my pedal is going to like fall out or something.

is it out of your crank?

The popping?

oh well it shouldnt fall out. try taking the outside cap off of it and tighten the inside that should stop it

Ok, I’ll try that in a bit, thanks.