Pedal problems!

Okay, I’ve got a problem with my pedals. I got some twisted plastics I’m planing to use this winter, but one of the pedals I cant seem to get off.
Yes, I am turning it the right way, and I’m sure.
It goes half way, and then It just stops. I’ve tried pretty much everything, and nothing works. I’ve even tried to hit it the wrench key, or whatever, with a big hammer, but it doesn’t go off! (Yes, I realise it is totally ruined now, but it is anyway!)
It works fine to ride, but can’t take it off!
What do I do?

Don’t forget, the left pedal is threaded backwards from the right pedal.

You turn the right pedal to the right to tighten it. You turn the left pedal to the right to loosen it.

I’ve experienced the same problem and I think it is the pedal insert that is moving when it turns halfway then stops. It freaked me out at first but then I just put more effort into and the pedal came off and the insert was fine. Make sure you grease it up if you get it out.

As I said earlier, I’m 100% sure I turned the right way!
I would try putting more effort in it, but it just isn’t possible.

Are you using moments? If so check it is not the insert rotating. If the insert is loose it will turn a little untill it tightens and then it will stop. With enough force the pedal will come free of the insert and tap out. Then you will want to take the inserts out and lock-tight them.

If you are using solid cranks you have probably stripped the thread. If they are aluminium threaded cranks you would have ruined the cranks, if they are steel cranks either could have stripped. Your probably best just turning it and turning it untill it is completly stripped and the peadl will come off, then you can clean up the good thread and replace the stripped part.

With all the information you’re providing us to help you with, it sounds like you’re going to need some dynamite.

Seriously. Just as electrical troubleshooting starts with checking to see the thing is plugged in, let’s start at square one. Does the pedal have an L or an R on it, and which way are you turning it? Use clockwise or anti-clockwise for your example. Are there inserts in the cranks? It sounds like the insert thing that was mentioned above. If so, I don’t have a specific suggestion with inserts due to no personal experience.

What are you using to turn the pedal? Adjustable crescent wrench, monkeywrench, pedal wrench? Pedal wrench is best, good to invest in if you play with unicycles a lot. Most wrenches are too thick to fit well. Then let’s take it from there.

It’s moments, and as I said, I am 100% sure I am turning it the right way. Taken it out several times earlier, and i’ve looked at everything. I will try to look if it’s the inside rotating, sp4rky-m4rky. Thanks for the tip!

Tried with both adjustable crescent wrench and a monkeywrench and one of those who are just one size on one side, and another on the other side, real thin one. Nothing works! :angry: