Pedal problem

Hi there, all you unicyclists! This is my new post and didn’t know where to post it so w/e.
I have recently bought a Koxx one devil gold edition and i have been riding 4 two weeks now. I’m planning on riding trials in the future, but that’s another thing.
Anyway, i got this problem: the pedals on my gold devil are great, good grip and so on, but they’re really small. I usually mount easily but time to time i just can’t get my foot on the darn pedal. darn :frowning:
anyone who can give any advice is welcome to post.
Thanks in advance

Practice and eyeball

Just practice. It was intimidating for me at first to jump on the pedals, but I found out if you just look at them and place your feet where you see the pedals it works. Just keep your eyes on the pedals and know where you are going to place your feet before they land. This helped me a lot, I can jump on the pedals where ever they are now and now I can try to land some crank flips an uni spins.

what type of pedal are they? I don’t personally have any experience with koxx, but if the problem is too bad, you could always ask around for what pedals have really large platforms and buy some new pedals.

My snafu’s are great, and I have some odyssey twisted’s that work well also.

id recomend primos wilt skateboard hardware drilled in for extra grip if you want bigg and grippy thats what i have and it works great