Pedal Problem.

Hey all,

On my new street uni my pedals come loose every 5 min, its really pissing me off. Any ideas on how to keep it snug? Remember the koxx cranks require a washer inbetween the pedal and crank.

Ok, from my knowlage the pedals are threded so if you are riding forwards, they will tighten themselfs, But i stared at my pedals/cranks and spun the pedal, and i am 99% sure that pedaling forwards will unscrew them, but yet the R is on the right side and the L is on teh left side.

try some other pedals.

if they fall off, its the cranks. if they stay on, its the pedals.

I dont have any and dont have enough money for new ones.

I just coated the thred in loctite

does it work

i dont know yet

The pedals would unscrew when pedaling forwards if not for a phenomenon called “precession”. Here’s what Sheldon Brown has to say about it in his glossary pages under ‘p’ for pedal

And another page at Sheldon Brown’s site about left-handed threads

A search of the forum for “precession” will find other threads about it.

Make sure that you don’t have pedals with 1/2" threads. There are two primary pedal sizes. 1/2" for kids bikes and bikes with one piece cranks and the more common 9/16" size that most unicycles now use.

1/2" is just slightly smaller than 9/16". A 1/2" pedal in a 9/16" crank hole will undo itself very quicly.

It is also possible that your pedals are just slightly out of spec and the threads are just a little bit too small. It has happened before. If that is the case you may be able to return them to the place you bought them for a replacement.

are you sure that you’re facing the right direction?
try turning the seat around.

Re: Pedal Problem.

oh, nevermind.

unless they just the stickers. maybe they’re on wrong for some reason. unscrew the pedal, and look on the end of the screw part, it should say L or R on the metal there.

Is jonh saying a normal pedal will unscrew forwards?

is it bad if i flip the seat around? if they tightenthe way i pedal?

The threading is correct to keep the cranks from unscrewing as you ride forwards. It isn’t obvious at first that it is correctl If you locked up the bearings in the pedal the pedals will unscrew as you pedal forwards. At first blush it seems that can’t be right. But it is, because of precession.

Make sure that the right crank and the right pedal are on the right side of the uni. Make sure that the left crank and left pedal are on the left side of the uni. The pedal threads will be correct to keep the pedals from loosening on their own.

If the pedals really are too loose in the cranks then you need to get proper pedals before you ruin the pedal threads in the cranks. The easiest way to check is to get a pair of known good pedals and put them on the uni that is having problems. If the known good pedals stay tight then the other pedals are bad. If the known good pedals also get loose then the cranks are bad.

Is this on your uni with the Koxx hub?

Yeah its got the Koxx crnaks.

Don’t ride with loose pedals and aluminum cranks. You’ll damage the threads in the cranks very easily and ruin the cranks. It is very easy to strip or damage aluminum threads.

Get proper fitting pedals for it or else you’ll be needing to replace both the pedals and the cranks and that will be more expensive.

You also might want to have a bike shop check that the crank threads are indeed good and that none of the threads have been stripped or cross-threaded or otherwise damaged.

It’s very easy to mess up aluminum threads. And you already know about the washer thing that’s needed with the Koxx cranks.

Actuly its steal threds, the threds are in a cromo sleve crimped into the aluminum.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Not so much panic now. But you can still damage steel threads, it’s just not as easy to do as aluminum threads.

Fuck. I tryed my jimmy Cs in the cranks are they came lose faster than the snafus, Im pissed, now i have to pay shipping tot he uk for new ones…Grrrrrr.

hmm? you just posted that you didnt have any other pedals…

yeah, Haha, I forgot aobut the ones on my trials.


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glue wont do it.