Pedal problem solving!

Alright folks I have a game for you to figure out.

I have my pedal I have my crank, the pedal is of course in the crank as all good pedals should be.

I want to remove the pedal from the crank. Simple enough so far

Now it gets hard, the piece holding the pedal in the crank can spin freely, meaning I can rotate the spindle inside the crank. So if I try and turn a wrench on it it will just spin freely and wildly.

So how would you remove the pedal from the crank?!

Is it a crank with the insert? If it is… you’ll need to remove it somehow and get a vice… I think you can figure out the rest…

I have tried clamping down on the end of the insert with plyers but to get enough grip on the insert you have to pull it out and then you can’t get access to the spindle. or at least the sqared off part of the spindle.

Vice… plyers are junk tools :slight_smile: Only thing I used plyers for are pulling those stupid things off the end of brake cables so I can get a better grip on them.

I was actualy using vice grips, I can’t get it into a vice (which I have two of), because it doesn’t stick out enough.

Do you mind destroying the insert to get the pedal out?

kinda not really?

What brand and type of cranks?

Koxx 1 splined 110 mm

I’m not familiar with the issues involving cranks like that with pedal thread inserts. Can’t help you much, other than suggesting a visit to your LBS (Local Bike Shop) and see what they say. They may know what can be done.

A picture would help a lot.

sounds like the insert is spinning in the cranks. can you verify this. if it is you’ll need professional help.

indeed the insert is spinning in the cranks, the insert has a splined interface that fits into the female splines of the crank, what has happened is through repeated bashing and shaking the female splines of the crank no longer exist, and the pedal moves freely almost floating in the crank.

hmm i might have an ideia u can tack it to a shop and get them to drill a home in the back of the pettle where is goes in the crank and them get them to thred the hole but mack the therd turn the opasit way and then boot a bolt in the hole and try to turn it out that way

mabby u can under stand that :thinking: lol

step one: Cut a slot in the insert on the back side with a dremel or air tool, now the insert is like a big screw.

step two: find so me sort of straight edge that fits into the slot you just made

step three: remove pedal

step four: spike crank, and do some sort of endzone dance