Pedal Pins

I just bought a new set of Bulletproof BMX pedals. Should i remove the pins on one side of the left pedal? The reason for doing this would be that the side with pins would connect with my foot and the side without pins would land on the object during like crank grabs or pedal grabs. I didn’t know if landing on them would hurt the pedal or not. THanks. Kelly.

I don’t think it’s necessary. and if you did, the side with pins would be heavier and hang down. so whenever you mount you’d need to flip it with your foot, which would be doable, but annoying, I think.
you can just get or make grind plates instead.

Is there any links to making grind plates?

Yep, check out the ‘Street’ section of for instructions.

Thank you.

I’ve removed all pins on one side exept one, becouse then I have enough grip, I just switch side to the side where I have all pins when I do trials and switch side to the side where I only have one pin and do grinds.

  • Simon