Pedal orientaion & 1-foot riding

I’d been trying to learn to ride 1-footed but could never get over that initial
fear of all the initial force you have to push the pedal. Anyways, when the
crank (the piece the pedal is attached to) fell of on my Sem, I decided to put
it on turned 90 degrees. As a result, instead of being directly across from each
other (180 degrees), the pedals were only 90 derees apart.

At first, riding this way was difficult, but it only took about 10 minutes for
it to “click.” It’s so fun and different then normal riding. However, it is much
closer to 1-footed riding than normal riding, because there’s that initial force
you have to push down to keep the wheel going 270 degrees, instead of the usual
180 (360 for 1-footed or kangaroo).

To sum it up, after riding around this way for a day, it took me only 2 days to
learn 1-footed riding. That intermediate step did wonders mostly for my
confidence, because when learning a potentially frightening trick (kick-up
mount, giraffe mount, backwards, etc), one of the biggest obstacles is fear &
confidence. Highly recommended!

Has anyone else played around with the angles of their pedals and found
interesting results?