Pedal or crank problem?


There’s something funky with either my crank or my pedal and I’m not sure which. I did some trials stuff today on my 24" Schwinn, and I think I bent/screwed something up from a pedal grab attempt or riding down stairs. The problem is when riding, the left pedal kind of skips a section. You know the feeling, it’s like something is uneven, it’s hard to explain. There’s no visible bend or twist in the crank, and actually now that I think about it, it seems that it’s the pedal that’s messed up. When I spin the pedal it’s not as smooth and fast on its spindle as the right pedal. I don’t think I can open up my pedal. I have Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals, and they’re only a few months old.

Any helpful comments, advice, or hints appreciated

Sounds like the pedal is broken.
Anyone know if his pedals have replaceable bearing?


This really is a pretty minor problem. I went on a great ride yesterday (see my other post) without any trouble at all. However, it’s a little annoying when I think about it, ride slowly, or try 1-foot stuff with the left foot. So it looks like I’ll have to get some new pedals. I’m thinking about these:

i’ve had those bmx alloy pedals for about 6 months and they’ve took some abuse but have held up amazingly. i recomend them to anyone-the best value pedals ever! im going to updrade to dx pedals soon tho cus they’re sooo cool.