PEdal or Crank GRABS?

:thinking: Ok heres the delio, Im learning how to do high hops but one problem, i dont know how to pedal grab. I have no idea where to start and which to start on , Pedal grabs or crank grabs? which ones easier and good to learn. Thanks for your time guys I really appreciate it…

And now a video!

I’m in the same boat as you. I want to learn them (both preferrably), but neither seems right.

yay thanks for the quick reply. Saying that just gives me more confidence =)

I never really got very into trials but I found crank grabs much easier, probably because you could still have your weight centered close to the axle of the unicycle. I usually fall when I try a pedal grab.

I would practice crank grabs first.
There easier and let you get the feel for when you learn pedal grabs.

Here’s some tips.

first find a ledge, place the crank on the ledge and hop on the uni. put most of your pressure on the foot thats on the ledge. Lean into the ledge and pull up all at once.

Practice that untill you can “go to rubber” all the time. Then you can practice jumping up to the ledge. Be careful you don’t land on your bearing hosue though!

Do the same for pedal grabs, I strongly recommend learning crank grabs first though.

I think that pedal grabs look better, and are way more useful to learn. Just make sure you keep your weight centred over the ledge so you don’t fall back down to the ground. Lean the uni towards the ledge if needs be and swing your free foot around for balance.


Whats wrong with landing on your bearing housing?

it’s really tough on your bearings…

Also it can bend the bolts that hold the housings on. Then its really difficult to undo them.

To elaborate on what Edddd saiddd, crank grabs aren’t going to get you up onto everything. They’re a good start to learn the process of “getting up”, but without pedal grabs, you won’t have the momentum to get you onto higher obstacles, over rails, etc.

That being said, start with crank grabs, and as soon as you’re comfortable, go for pedal grabs.

When you are a beginner, you can learn crankgrab…:wink:
but when your level rise and you keep ketting better, you really need to learn to pedalgrab !!! They are A LOT better than crankgrabs :slight_smile:
you can jump higher, on smaller thinks, rails, handrails(grind), mostly they are faster, look nicer,…:smiley: A pedalgrab is better in everythink then a crankgrab :slight_smile:

ok first off thanks for the replies. second, wtf are bearing housings? A picture or something would be nice and today is the day im goin for the crank grab. i found a nice low place to practice on that i can get up to and not be scared lol. Any more replies would truely be useful.Also, i really find it hrd to balance when im on and tend to fall off. Should my seat be out in front? I tried riding this way and totally ate it. Do u guys i could hop high enough to get the tire on there also? Im not sure if that video would help you decide but whatever. Thanks guys

bearing houses are located at the bottom of the frame. there used to protect the bearings and also to join the frame to the wheel.

if you hop with the seat in front, the keep the seat in front while doing crank grabs.

if you hop with your seat in then do the crank grabs seat in…

Put most of your weight on the foot on the ledge, and lean in a little bit.


ps. I havnt watched your video, but you won’t always make it straight up for your first few goes.
Just practice :wink:

Arent they normally called bearing holders ?

Also bearing caps. Bear in mind that cranks grabs have little or no bearing on either bearing, as long as you don’t land on the bearings! :stuck_out_tongue: