Pedal on Semcycle

I borrowed someones 24 inch Semcycle a few days ago and when I got on it the
pedals didn’t feel right - kind of a wobble to it. When I looked at it closely
I noticed that it was not turned in all the way. When I looked at it even more
closely I noticed that the pedal was cross threaded. So I tried to take it
off. That’s when I noticed that the left pedal was on the right side. I don’t
know who put this Semcycle together but I’m sure they didn’t know what they
were doing.

Anyway, now the pedal won’t come off at all. Are there any tricks out there to
get a cross threaded pedal off? Or should I go out and buy a new crank arm? This
is not my uni but I’m willing to put a little into it to get it right. Even with
the wobble I was able to knock 10% off my 1600 meter time over the old (no name
tank) uni I was using before. Thanks to Beirne for his “tip” when he posted
about trying the Semcycle at the mini-meet last weekend.

The mini-meet (reported on by Beirne) was my first. I had a great time and came
home very pumped up. It prompted me to practice free mounting my giraffe and a
desire to work on wheel walking. The next day I followed up a lead on a Schwinn
and did I get a deal on it - a 20 inch - a little rusty - but only $20! A little
chrome polish and it looks like new! Now to get the kids to ride it.

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet: