Pedal makes a slight noise...

When mounting my coker, the left pedal makes a slight click noise when pressing down on in. (Pressing it in reverse) Is this something I should be worried about?


I had the same clicking sound. I yanked the cranks around, didn’t see any movement, and so concluded that the pedals were cheap. After a couple weeks of this, I was riding down a long descent and the crank came loose. I think powering up the climb finally did it.

As far as I can tell, there wasn’t any damage. However, simply tightening the bolt did not stop the clicking. Seating the crank firmly with a rubber mallet and then tightening the bolt several times over the next few rides eliminated the clicking, but I still feel a little give every now and then. I think that the square cutout of the left crank may just be slightly malformed.

I’m using the stock 150s, by the way, and the stock Coker pedals.

I had a similar problem with pedals on my 20’. I solved it by removing the cap off the end of the pedal, spraying some oil in and tightening the nut inside. This seems to stop my clicking noise.:wink: