Pedal is falling off. Help

I have a Nimbus I have been riding regularly for about 6 months.
Today I noticed my right pedal is nearly falling off. It appears the bolt is stripped and I don’t see a way to tighten it.

I am right foot dominate and have been doing a lot hopping and idiling etc

If this normal wear and tear? Do I need to just order new pedals?

Now im not an expert in this matter because I’ve never experienced this In my riding. It could be from idling as riding backwards can loosen your pedals, although you would think the idling motion would loosen and then tighten. If you have another set of pedals I would try threading a new one on to make sure you have not damaged your crank ( steal one off of a bike if you don’t have an extra just to test the crank threads). I have made it a point to quickly go over my unis prior to each ride, I have found loose seat / handle bar bolts as well as pedals and just last week a loose crank bolt. It only takes a few minutes with my 3 way alen key and my udc pedal wrench . Hope it’s not your crank that’s stripped. Good luck.


Check out the first reply to your first post here :slight_smile:

Slightly different situation, but yea, I’m not very mechanically inclined lol

Looks like the crank is the problem. I guess I have to ride my Sun for a few days ha

I assume this has been happening over time. But could it have been prevented?

I spend most of my time practicing in my drive way. Learning to hop, idle, ride backwards etc. So I do put it under a lot stress.

I really like my Nimbus II but is it really not built for hopping and jumping?

Thanks in advance for any insight

If you ride with it while it’s loose you’ll damage even the best quality product. Aluminum is softer than steel, so after the pedal loosened up it was what suffered the damage. ISIS cranks are a stout design however. Just order some new ones and chaulk it up to a mistake.


Got it, thanks Duff!

Good advice on the quick go-over. Thanks, Bug

And backwards riding and idling WILL tend to result in loose pedals. What I’d advise is to kind of shake, bend and squeeze the components of your unicycle before each ride. I’ve had pedals, cranks, bearing housings, hydraulic brake fittings and seatbolts loosen up. Fix the problem right away and you won’t have any damage.

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Looks like you’ve been riding for a while with pedal loose to cause that damage, surprised you didn’t feel it clunking around through your foot? Recommend regular check of pedal tightness once new crank fitted ( I loctite my backwards unicycling pedals)

If your not very mechanical minded make sure you use correct crank puller otherwise you’ll have issues with tool stuck in the main hub spindle, many threads on here were people have done so.

I did sense something was wrong but didn’t think to check the pedals. Lesson learned.
Thanks for the tip

Every day is a school day!

I had something similar with my Quax trials, which I used to learn to ride backwards. I had to replace the cranks, coz the threading was all gone. I stopped learning to ride backwards then.

If you have a good bike shop nearby, they might be willing/able to fix the thread with an insert for cheaper than buying new cranks.


You might also want to check the pedal’s thread. While you’d rather expect the crank’s thread to be damaged due to it being the weaker metal, it’s also possible that the pedal’s thread took damage. A pedal with damaged thread is more likely to damage your new or repaired cranks. So if you can see any damage on the thread or it feels particularly loose while screwing it in a good crank, you might want to replace that pedal.

Just replace the cranks, if the pedals are good, re-install them into the crank. But if the pedals are also stripped/causing problems, don’t install them into your new cranks.

I’m up and running again! I installed new cranks and pedals. What a hassle.
But, won’t happen again.
Thanks for the help everyone!

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