pedal inserts?

So, i got some new pedals and when i went to go take off the old pedals i got the little insert thing with the pedal. while unscrewing did i twist the axle of the pedal the wrong way causing the insert to come out with it?
now i cant get the inserts off of the old pedals. advice?

The are KH cranks by the way

I have had no experience with these cranks but can’t you just thread the insert and pedal back into the crank and try and undo it again.

tried that but didnt work

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I did this and I put some Super Glue in the insert(NOT on the pedal).

i cant the inserts off the pedal…

turn it so it’s tight on the side the pedal goes, then you take the little “bolt” on the back, you put some Super glue in it. Let it dry and put the “bolt” on again, then your pedal should go off easily. That’s how I did and it’s working great now.