"pedal history" website...cool!

use the horizontal scroll bar at the top to browse through over 130 years of pedal evolution!:smiley:

lol thats pretty cool to waste time! thx!

wow thats cool.

i dont know how good they would be but i want some of those hutch beartrap pedals from 1985.

i want the 5 mins of my life back.

tell that to ruben carter.

I like those first ones, I wanna see someone drop some stairs on those painful puppies!!

I was surprised as to how interesting I found that!

Although I was also a bit disappointed that there were none of the classic Shimano DX alloy BMX type pedals, or anything with cleats. :frowning:


Lol yeah I know, I was s0o0o00os hoping to see some Jcs :smiley: lol

I thought it was a fabulous trip down memory lane (old). Wasting your time? That’s a personal choice. Don’t keep looking if you’re not interested. In fact, step away from the computer…

How come some of the pedals from the 1890s look exactly like some of the cheap pedals out there today. Haven’t things progressed in 100+ years? Also I recognized many pedals that I still own, such as the Skyway ones from circa 1980. Those were my preferred racing pedal, and I even had some on my Schwinn Giraffe, until I started using it for hand-cranking. Then back to the Schwinn-approved Unions…

In fact, this got me going out to the garage, to dig around in boxes and find the pedals from my Excessory cycle. They aren’t the Campys, but are clearly ripoffs of the 1980 blue Campagnolo Model 305/BMX from 1980. Same color and everything, from Lightning KKT. Also my Skyway Tuff pedals aren’t exactly like the one pictured (listed as 1970s, next to the Schwinn pedal we all had if we rode unicycles in the 80s). Mine had “quills” that went around the ends, but the center part was identical to what you see there. I was able to interchange quills on them to color-match the pedals to the unicycle. I have red, silver, gold and blue ones!

these pedals came on my dads unicycle. i love 'em.