Pedal Grinding

What are good pedals for grinding? Right now I have the regular black Nimbus studded pedals. If I just remove the studs on one side will they be good for grinding?

Also, does anybody know how to take on the metal studs?

Yes taking out pins on one side will help out for grinding a lot! You can take a grinder to the pins or take them out with an allen wrench.

The best pedals I like are plastic ones. They are quite when you grind so security guards and store owners dont know you are around! I enjoy the JC/PC pedals the most though, they are in multiple pieces so once you grind through one side you just have to by a half body vs an entire new pedal.

Do you know of a good way to take out these kinds of studs?

How would I take out the metal pins, like on this unicycle?

I took mine out with a pair of pliers. They just unscrew, so grip them with the pliers (made easier by the hex-shape) and turn. You’ll probably only grind with one foot, so it makes sense to only take the pins out of one pedal. Also, if you do what I did and only take them out of one side of the pedal, you can still have grip for your shoes and still be able to grind.


Oh wow! Thats awesome :open_mouth: I had no idea there were such pedals. That’s a street riders must have pedal :O.

And yeah generally you only need one foot/pedal to grind on. Unless you’re like me, the only grinds I don’t do are blind+switch grinds.

I had them at naucc :stuck_out_tongue:

They have mean metal spikes in them so for tech they may not work to well