Pedal Grind Plates

joemc, my savior!

we’ve been looking for that yellow plastic gas pipe for about a year.
my co-worker duncan does a rola-bola balance act and he’s ben using a bit of steel pipe for ages, it works great but its soo heavy.
if you’re in the u.k. i’d gladly pay postage for a bit about a foot long of the 6" ish size

a bit of one of those white plastic pallets they use in the catering industry would be good if you can’t find gas pipe.
next time i find a bit it’s going on a pedal.

also correct me if i’m wrong, but dosent dan heaton have a miyata plastic pedal on the side he’s grinding on in universe?

Two of those plates are now in the mail and on the way. One for nick (Zim) and one for myself. I will post some details in product reviews after I abuse them some. I also have some primo’s and a kh saddle on the way. Boy I feel special.

  • Sal

I have a 12inch dia clear perspex tube in my rola bola stack - it looks the dogs

You can buy them from most plastic companies - next time I go past the company I’ll wander in and ask them how much they are these days- And yes I’m in the uk.

The other place to look is a local plummers or builders yard - they’ll probably give you some of the pipe.

sounds great, and i suppose you can tell the punters its glass…

give me a p.m. if you happen to get a price on the stuff, afaik perspex is by no means cheap.