Pedal Grind Plates

I have been wanting a set of these for awhile now, but I am not sure how to go about it. Plates made from a plastic (I’m guessing) so I can grind on things other than smooth rails. Would a completely new pedal have to be designed? Or could a clip on plate be developed? Is anyone willing to work with me on this? I am willing to pay for such a wonderous device. I know there are a number of creative and handy unicyclists on this board that have access to the technology to make the plates. Is anyone up for the challenge.

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You could probably rig up a guard that attaches to the spindle where it attaches to the crank, and then use the holes in screw in syle pedals to attach the plate more firmly. They would have to be pritty customized to every pedal brand, but I could see it working…

I started to make some of these but then a commercial set became available so i bought those.
They are called gusset platform pedals - they are new for 2003 and I can’t find a link to them anywhere although I know that has them

do you know what brand they are? I couldn’t find them on the site either. Hmm…

Also what is the cost? Could you post some pics? Sealed? Unsealed?

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wouldn’t a metal grind plate be better than plastic?

what if you bought clipless pedals, welded the cleat to a piece of flat metal, and clipped it into the pedal? ta-dah!

Grind plates already exist for BMX pedals. Check out Albe’s BMX mailorder.

The grind plate would also be good for doing pedal grabs. They would protect the surface that you are grabbing on from getting as dug up and as scratched up.

Thank you Mr. Childs. Your wealth of information is immeasurable. Yes they would be great for preventing tearing up surfaces with pedal grabs. I suppose metal is better.

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they are made by Gusset in the Uk - they are black - ally bodied (i think) and have a steel grind-plate that is removeable - I got mine a bit early but I think they are about £30

I cannot find them on wiggle anymore either - which is odd.

I’ll try and source a link

you’ll find a picture at

no plastic slides way better!

they need to make a pair of those
in canuckistan (canada)

couldn’t you just drill 4 holes in a pair of sheet metal then bolt them onto where the relflertors are? (used to be)

there were some people at unicon with Primo Pedals, that had 2 pieces of square flat metal that were about 3cm by the length of the pedal large. There ran paralel to each other, and they were directly welded onto the bottom of the pedal (and the pedal would self right it’s self because the grind plates were so heavy. I think Dan Heaton bought a pair from whoever made these. They looked pretty cool. well, i think the best idea would be some screw-in pieces of metal onto pedal, so they’d be removable. I think metal works the best for grinding. also, i think the grind plate for pedal grabs is a bad idea. because most of the time, you NEED your pedal’s pins to dig into whatever your pedal grabbing in order to make it. (especially if it’s sketchy, like really high, waxed, a rail, or a fence)

well, i hopw that helps you, let me know what you end up doing, as i might be intersted in purchasing them.


Damn Ryan, you beat me to it. I’m not sure… but I’m pretty much guessing Nick Caffroy made them or had them made for him. Anyway, he had a pair too, and was telling me a bit about them.


Nah, just get some skate wax. The skateboarders put skate wax on concrete edges and other rough surfaces where they want to grind so they can slide better. Your local skateboard shop will have the stuff. Or Google skate wax to find the stuff.

but waxing stuff up messes up flow lines

No, NO guys, it was Mike (the trials rider, dont know his last name) who made em. I think he was seeling for like 25 or something. It would be really easy if you can find someone who welds aluminum.

The best thing to use for this is plastic mains gas piping (freely avaliable at roadsides, there’s always an offcuts pile where they’re working!) I use it for all sorts of jobs, its as tough as old boots, and has built in lubricants to make it less likely to be damaged. Get the stuff thats over 12" diameter and 1/2" thick and screw a slab of it to the base. It can hold a coarse screw thread quite well and is as slippy as anything.

if i got some off the website, i’d only need one, there’s only one side i would grind on!
suppose i could split the cost, hm? good idea:)

You only get one.

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ahh, i was looking forward to saving some £££££’s