pedal grabs?

okay so what are they…I have heard alot about them latley…and I duno what they are…it might be self explanitory but explain anyway…please…oh and how do you do them…any advice?!

use the search… but they are just like crank grabs. you grap on to a high ledge with ur pedal and them jump the rest of the way up… i have some crank grabs in my movie called sweet dude… it is in my gallery… click on the link below…

It’s a pretty basic concept…do a hop, and land on some sort of ledge with just your pedal, like this:

That’s a really bad picture, but you get the idea.

And when you hear the term “Pedal grab to rubber”, that means doing a pedal grab, and then jumping up a bit a more so your tire actually lands on the ledge and you can ride off.

Hope that helps.

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so how do you do them? I tried and it is hard…I can do crank hop ups on stuff just not pedals…any advice?

Well I can’t personally do them (my regular static hops suck still), but from videos I’ve seen, it’s not anything too difficult, just side hop on something the right height and land on whichever pedal you’re comfortable with, and sort of move your center of weight onto that pedal to keep the weight of the unicycle where you want it. I’d say it’s mostly practice, like all unicycling skills.

alright here goes… hopefully this next stuff can help you (i hope im explaining it right)

First of all, Crank grabs and Pedal grabs are two different things. I’d would suggest learning crank grabs first.

Crank grabs
A crankgrab involves jumping onto the side of a obstacle and then jumping up or “going to rubber”. There are two steps in a crank grab.
1. Ride toward a ledge or any preferably flat platform for learning. Jump in the air and land with your crank and pedal on the side of the obstacle. Make sure to lean more into the ledge then not when you land so you dont fall off. You can practice this with out the 2nd step by just jumping onto the ledge with your crank and then jumping back to the ground with out going up.
2. Once you have your crank on the ledge, going to "rubber is slighty more difficult. All you have to do is jump, but it isnt quite as easy as it seems. Make sure to jump up instead of over. Getting the height can be be a little tricky but just practice and you’ll have it down. Once you jump to rubber prepare for the landing. try to land evenly weighted on each pedal so they (the pedals) stay horiztonal
3. Finally Ride away.

Once you have mastered the crank grab, the pedal grab is something you can learn next.

Pedal Grab
Pedaling grabbing is similary to crank grabbing but involves more of a swinging up instead of just hopping. Getting the timing down is more difficult and pedal grabs will probably be harder to learn then crank grabs. This is how to pedal grab with your front foot. Once mastered, pedal grabs can allow you to get up to smaller obstalces like posts and railings.
1. Ride up to a platform and jump on to it so that only your pedal is on. Make sure to lean into the ledge to keep your balance.
2. Once you have your balance figured out make sure your pedals are in the vertical position with your front foot up (it should be because it is on the ledge). Practice swinging your backfoot that is not on the ledge up and down to get the feel for the pedal. When you are comfortable with this, swing up your pedal really fast (the one not on the ledge) and jump into the air. Once you are in the air your pedals will probably be vertical with your foot thats on the ledge in the bottom position. You will need to level out your pedals to horizontal in the air so you can land. This will take practice to getting the pedals to the right position in the air and how much force to jump with.

As you get better with pedal grabs you can use less and less swinging motion and try to make it smoother. Eventually you wont need to swing your pedal up from the bottom position but more like from the horiztonal position. I am not the greatest at pedal grabs but i can do them. I find it easier to do them seat out too.

I hope that helps, and isnt too confusing.

and if its just staying up on your pedal when on a ledge, just put a pedal on a ledge, step on it, and get ino the posistion like you really just jumped into it, then you can go to rubber again =p

but that should help just to get the feel nd kinda the balance of being in a pedal grab

Watch the video posted HERE.

It’s the “european style” pedal grab I guess, which is faster. It’s easier to take more time after you land…

i just learnt how to do them (crank grabs) yesterday. I found that the trick is to lean into the ledge so that the pedal isn’t flat with it and to keep even pressure with both feet.

kool, can you already able to do pedal grabs?

I wonder if its easier to learn a crank grab then learn the pedal, or pedal to crank (sounds like a combo right thur! lol) but i bet learning one helps with the other in someway

i cant pedal grab just yet but im getting there.