pedal grabs

I’ve heard people mention a trick called the pedal grab. What is it?

a pedal grab is a trials move that enables you to get onto object that would otherwise be too high. like a picnick table

side hop towards the object and land on the object using just the pedal.
then jump up onto the object and land on your tyre.

a pedal grab is often confused with a crank grab. where you land on an object with the pedal and crank, crank grabs are much easier. mostly because you always stay in the perfect hopping position throughout the entire move.

if you think about how long your cranks are you’ll soon realise that by using pedal grabs you can get onto objects which are over a foot higher than by landing on the tyre. especialy if you have long cranks.

<tries to imagine a unicycle with foot long cranks>



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Re: pedal grabs

now try imagining this… the radius of your wheel, then your crank arm…

probably a foot.

I think the idea is that you add the length of you cranks to half the diameter of your wheel. That means if you have a 24" wheel and 170 cranks, you can in theory pedal grab on to an object more than one and a half feet higher than you could get your tire on to. This is assuming that you rotate your cranks 90 degrees in the air to get the extra height.


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cough Erm, looks like somebody read “a foot higher than landing on the tyre” as “a foot higher than landing on the crank, rather than the pedal”.

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Re: pedal grabs


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