Pedal Grabs With Dif. Cranks

Hey i was just wondering if anyone has the same problem as me with pedal grabbing… On my uni i have 125mm cranks and on my mates uni he has 140mm cranks i seem to be only able to do pedal grabs on his uni and not on mine…

I find that on his i can go to rubber slower than i do have to on mine and when i try to do it on mine i always end up going to fast and slipping… anyone else got the same problem?

Gosh, I never thought crank sizes made that much difference (125mm-140mm).

I have no answers but am worried! :slight_smile:


the slower part is easy to explain. his cranks are longer so the wheel has to travel further to get to rubbber… therefore making it seem slower.

as for cranks making a difference in crankgrabbing, it shouldnt be an issue…stop using his uni and practice ony yours …it wont be long before your doing crankgrabs on your uni.

Thanks I can crank grab allright on my uni but pedal grabs just seem harder :thinking: i’ll take your advice and just oractice on mine for now…

15 mm is just over 1/2 inch. if you can notice a 1/2 inch difference in your hop, then you’ve got some superhuman abilities. there’s got to be another difference between the unis that makes for the difficulty… different pedals? different seat?

Well he’s got a kh 04 20" and ive got a nimbus 20" (maybe i shouldve said that?) but they’re similar in weight and ive got crappy aluminium dx pedals and he’s got snafus… thats about all i can think… oh and weve got the same seat.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a 15mm difference is very noticeable. Certainly 15mm longer cranks are very noticeable when riding on the road, even without superhuman abilities. Many riders are extremely sensitive to subtle changes in their unicycle configuration. I notice if I put my seat up or down 5mm, it changes the entire feel of the ride until I adjust.

If you are just short of being able to get up to rubber when using 125s then an extra 15mm is probably going to make all the difference! As you swing around your wheel you have a bit of extra leverage which should help.

It would be interesting to find out whether even longer cranks make it easier or not. You may have to move up to a bigger wheel before experimenting with longer cranks though.

I don’t think it requires superhuman abilities. changing from 150mm to 170mm on my coker makes a huge difference. I know, thats 20mm not 15mm. but still.


Who cares how much it is in practical terms. I mean, cokers are only 16" larger than trials uni’s, pfft, real men can do huge fast distance rides on anything.

When you crank grab the cranks are horizontal, the crank length makes no difference atall to how high you have to have to hop to pull to rubber, what are you on about? Only if you were pedal grabbing with the cranks vertical would it be more dificult to pull to rubber with longer cranks. I suspect your problem is entirely psychological.

well i was more refering to my personal experience when i said that…when i pedal grab i tend to swing the uni back up under me and up a bit to get some momentum to make the rise to rubber simpler.

i was talking about hopping. can anyone tell the difference between a 20" and a 20.5" hop? methinks not.