Pedal grabs, grinds and foot plants

Hi guys. I was wondering if you guys have any advise as to how to pedal grab learn to grind and to foot plants. I’m a little un sure as to how to start learning to do them.

Have you already learned crank grabs? They’re the first step to learning pedal grabs/grinds.

Crank Grabs
Hop next to a low object (but high enough that you can rest your crank on it without the tire on the ground)
Take a small hop to get your crank on the object. If you hop too high it’s harder to control.
Take your non grabbing foot off the pedal immediately after your hop so it’s easier to get your balance, because you have all your weight centered above your foot.
Lean way down
Count to 3 (helps me commit)
Jump as hard as you can

Pedal Grabs
Same as crank grabs but only get your pedal on, not crank. Also, kinda swing the uni up to help your hop when you’re going to rubber.

For non sloped things:
Ride fast
Crank grab (or pedal if it’s a rail)
Hop off
Sloped stuff:
Ride slow/comfortably
Crank/Pedal grab
Bail a couple times to get a feel for the speed
Commit (focus on keeping both feet on the pedals, or focus on leaning over you’re grinding foot, whatever helps you)
Slide off the end (or hop, either way)

I don’t really do footplants, so I can’t help you there.

okay thank you very much julia :smiley: ill try that tommorow after school :smiley: Does anyone got anything for foot plants?

or if you HAVE anything that is even better.

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