pedal grabs and

im trying to learn pedal grabs and grinds.
i havnt found the help i need as of yet, mostly i need is practice.
realy what i am wondering is about the pinns

do you want them in or out for grabs and grinding, does anyone ride with them out completly for street, does anyone do everything with them in?

any advice?

Get detachable pins, plastic petals or make grind plates. I’m a dumbass so I file the pins off. When you grind lean in and forwards cause first real slick rail you hit are gonna land on your ass.

pedal grabs you want the pins in but for grinding they work better out, but i have been told you can grind with them in. if you take the pins off, take them off only one side so your feet don’t slip off. you can still do pedal grabs with out the pins but on some technical ones you need the pins because of an odd angle landing. what i would do if i were you is to get a pair of concave pedals with totally removable pins and decide if you want to grind or do more pedal grabs and put in or take out the pins

i got a handy metalworking friend to fashion an aluminuim plate on the bottom of one of my pedals, am still getting grinding down to a fine art but i can grind and pedal grab most things, but not a turtle :frowning: tried and failed

and of coures just practice, i learned through trial and error and havnt even searched on here for any tips as of yet.
learn how you feel comfortable. If you fall off try a different way.

ha im cinada new to this what is a pedal grab

a pedal grab is where you jump up something and land on the pedal or the pedal and crank. on the pedal you do a little rocking motion to bring it to tire and if you on the crank you just pull up as hard as you can.

ok kool man thx

i do everything with the pins in. i tried to take them out once, and it turned out that only some came out, and the lack of pins made the bare metal pedals very slippery. it just made so much more sense to keep the pins in. i would probably ride with plastic pedals if i had some spares.
i cant grind, but for pedal grabs i can tell you the pins probably help. they dig into the material (unless its metal) and hold on. it does leave little holes in almost everything you grab onto though.

ice cold… thanks for actually answering my question…
now if someone that grinds often can give there two cents

lean in and forward. You got to lean what seems like a lot but it’s easy when you get used to it.

my question was not how to grind

what i am asking is more about the pins not about how to grind…
i snowbaord and use to skate, i know how grinding works, and where my weight shoud be. what i dont know much about are the littel metal things sticking out of my pedals. those are new to me…

if you have some pedals like jim c’s remove all the pins in one side and make sure you are on the side with pins. (kinda a pain) some pedals have some removable and some not removable pins. you can use a grinder to get rid of the non removable ones. i have been told you can grind with the pins in but have yet to see it happen.

When grinding, you dont want pins on the side of the pedal your grinding on.

I grind with my left pedal, when its front. So left foot foward, right foot back. At the same time, I pedal grab with that same pedal.

Before, when I did all trials, and wasnt able to grind, I kept the pins in the pedal. Once I started to grind, I took off the pins of only one side of the pedal. To most people, this is enough to grind with, but I got a deal on a grindplate, so I put that on there.

I still do trials all the time, and the grindplate hasnt caused me to slip off of anything when I am pedal grabbing onto, but has opened up the chance for me to grind onto anything I wish to grind on.

So my advice to you, is to take out, or file down the pins on one side of the pedal. This should be enough to grind with and still be great for pedal grabs.

Only downside I can think off is losing the weight on that side of the pedal, will cause it to land pin side down when doing flip and spin tricks. SO if it does, get a grindplate on there and that will balance out the weigh and youll be landing pin side up. =p

when you pedal grab something technical like the back of a bench you can’t grip it well enough to kick up

Lol, funny you mention that, cause I was doing that excact thing yesterday when I went riding downtown. I never did slip off.

Only problem I had was trying to pedal grab onto a rounded pole. I got onto it but slipped off, hand rails are fine, but just onto of rounded poles gets me. Thats when ill have to take off my plate, but I dont do rounded poles that much.

word, ive heard of people doin that taking the pins out of one side, i think i will hold off on that tho, doesnt sound like the best idea if im going to get into agressive street riding, always having to worry which side is up or down… the grind plate sounds like it works for you, but also sounds kinds gimick like. i can’t see some of the big names in uni world throwin plates on there pedals… seams like i should be able to do most grinds with the pins in (except for concrete)

how much does the grind plate weigh do you have one on both sides, i always find in good to try and learn all my tricks with both feet

i just wanna hear someone say i grind all teh time with pins in, works fine. my mind could be at ease knowing that i dont need to do anyting special just practice.

How is a grindplate a gimick? A lot of the ‘big names’ in the uni world use them, and tons of people in the biking world use them. grindplates are amazing, they allow you to grind pretty much anything, keeping it really smooth, and protects your pedals. They are also amde to make sure the pin side stays up, so they have been a plus for me with street tricks, cause I dont need to worry about landing on the grindplate. And for the few times I have, it doesnt matter, I still land it and I can still ride just ine on the grind plate.

My plate weigh about an ounces, maybe a little less. It is only on my dominent pedal, which is my left.

You can grind with the pins out, but dont expect to get anywhere on concrete ledges, wooden beems, and some metals, cause the pins will just dig in and stop you, aslo leaving some big gashes on what your ttrying to grind on.