Pedal Grab...?

Ok, so I can get the pedal grab fairly consistenly now. Big deal. I want to get rubber. Is it better to have you ‘grabbing’ pedal at the bottom of the stroke, so you only have to pull up a smaller distance?

Or is it better to have the pedals flat, more lift needed to ge the wheel up, but I think this is a stronger posistion to pull up from…

What do you folks do?

I’m assuming that your talking about pedal grabs on the pedal only, not on the crank. The
way I first learned to go to rubber from pedal grabs (after I could do it from a crank grab)
was to swing the unicycle forward and than back, and on the back swing, catch the pedal
with your foot, and use the momentum of the uni to help get up. It helps to take off with the
grabbed pedal near the bottom of its rotation, like you said. But, if you do that, you have to
bring the cranks back to level in the air, and that takes a little practice.

Once you have the swinging method down, you can progress to going to rubber by just
pulling the pedal to your foot, and than hopping up. You still swing the uni a little bit, but you
start the swing with your foot on the outside pedal, and jump from there. The order you want
to do things in is 1: pull the uni up and tilt it in a little. 2: jump 3: bring the pedals back to level
and land. Those all happen very quickly, and almost at the same time, but if you jump before
starting to pull the uni up, it doesn’t work as well. All of this should be done seat in front.

I think I have a video of me pedal grabbing. I’ll see if I can find it when I get home if you
want to see what I’m talking about.


I would certainly like to see the vid. Let’r rip.

Heres a couple videos. There’re both fairly basic pedal grabs, but they show what I’m talking about.


Talent, my friend, pure talent. After seeing ‘how easy it is’ how can I not go out and do that tomorrow?!?