Pedal Grab Video

Hey freaks, I just put up another gallery.
There’s a few pedal grab pics, and a cool pedal grab video that I put together with five different pedal grabs. I have another version of it that is set to music, but it wouldn’t load for me. Just imagine you’re listening to Pennywise’s, “F_ck Authority” during the vid. That’s all for now, Mojoe over and out.

what frame is that?

That’s a Semcycle XLW that I bashed in to fit a 24x3 inch Nokian Gazzalodi. This was in early spring, when there were no cheap frames that would fit a 3 incher. The frame is really beat up and dented, from the “operation”, but is solid, and has never given me any trouble.

I just added a few more photos and a shorter video, where after pedal grabbing, and gapping to the small stack of pallets, I gap back to the taller stack. Whoo Hoo!!!

pedalgrab 005.jpg

I find it weird that when you jump seat out front you hold the seat with your right hand, but your Reeder Handle is setup for your left hand so when jumping seat in you’ll be holding your seat with your left hand. I can’t switch hands like that. I have to hold the seat with my right hand. I can’t get anywhere near the control or height when holding the seat with my left hand. Anyone else ambidextrous and able to switch hands on the seat when jumping seat out and seat in?

Good job on the pedal grabs. I have only tried pedal grabbing once and was unsuccessful. I think it’s a skill that requires more than 30 seconds of practice to be able to do.

It’s just wierd that it feels natural to hold seat in lefty, and seat out righty. It’s nice to be able to push the seat against my leg with my right hand for seat out. It works out great because I hop better to the right seat in, and better to the left seat out. It gives me some flexablity I think. Plus it makes it easier to jump to my weak side when seat in or out.

The pedal grabs took me tons of practice. If I don’t PG for a few days, it takes me a while to get warmed up again. I really need to work on my vertical height though. Then I could get up on higher stuff. Oh well, ya gotta start with baby steps.
Mojoe in Iowa

Can’t ANYTHING uni related be easy?!?

I fall off quite easily. Does that count?

Well, I’m ready for a contest. I bet $100 I can fall off before you…$50 more says I can probably break something1

Re: Pedal Grab Video

I hold the seat the exact same way as mojoe, seat in, left hand, seat out,