Pedal Grab To Rubber...😕

Im way lost. i cant do it but i can do a pedal grab and ride off… help plz… :thinking:

ok, if you have not already tried get used to pedal grabbing and going back down so that you can do it every time.

being on a 24" unicycle doesn’t help much for this, but it is very doable. you just jump like you normally would, but on your foot that is on the ledge, think of it as jumping up another foot… dragging along a unicycle. make sure you have both feet on the pedals before jumping.

way more confused now…

  1. You jump so that pedal/crank is on the object.

  2. You jump up onto your tyre.


THis might help a little

oh wow. thanks nkahler. that helps alot. so you tilt it then jump???

Maybe by an inch. I dont even think of leaning, as it comes natural.

If you can jump, then you already know how to go form a grab to rubber. Once your in a grab, all you do is jump again. Ta-da! Very simple, just practice.

You can also swing up from a pedal grab so it is more fluid and you dont have to put as much Oomph! into it.

Watch a good trials video, youll see what im talking about.

Read my post in the trials discussion thread about how to do them. Trials Discussion Thread

It helped another guy do them.

I learned this on a 24" and I think the slight lean coupled with a good tug on the seat is all it takes physically. The hard part is that confidence thing. If you think you MIGHT not land it…you’re not going to (sort of like hopping up 2 stairs at once if you do that)…If you go into the second jump like you will land it no matter what, you’ll probably do it. It sounds like you have the jump height so you should just need a few determined tries to get it.

yea okay. you all helped alot. thanks.

Ya, I tried tilting alot and I got it in a few tries :smiley:

sweet. thanks nkahler.:slight_smile:

your welcome :smiley:

Pedal grabs - Pead to rubber.

Last night I finally tried doing dome pedal grabs. I ride mostly MUni and have therefor not had much use for pedal grabs in the past. However I have been working on Trials lately and with Trials they are a basic! They are not to hard to master. I did it in one session yesterday night. Just for reference I jump toward my rear pedal. For most of you pedal grabs should be easier. It is easier to balance on your front foot. With pedal grabs you have to snap more than you do with a regular jump so be carefull not to pull any muscles!

  1. Make sure your foot is firmly on the pedal that has grabbed the ledge. If you can get part of your foot also on the ledge itself because it overlaps the pedal this gives even more stability.

  2. Have your other foot lightly on the “floating” pedal.

  3. Lean the uni saddle into the jump. The saddle should be pointed or leaned in the direction that you want to jump in. You yourself should also be leaning in the direction of the jump.

  4. Very important! Crouch down low so that the uni comes up WITH you while you jump! When the Saddle is closer to your crotch you have more control over it.

  5. Use your free hand for balance as a cat would use it’s tail.

  6. Bend your knees upon jumping. This eliminates the actual height needed. If you can bend your knees enough then you don’t even have to jump. Meaning that your head, shoulders, torso and hips stay in the same place. You only bring the uni up by mending your knees.

  7. Try jumping more than a couple of inches in from the ledge. This gives you more room for correction hops if needed after landing on rubber. After you get better you can do realy small hops and land rubber right on the edge!

Hope this helps!


accually yes it does. and thank you. i have done a couple but im still not very consistant. im working on it though.