Pedal Grab to rail ride?

hmmmm Holm style =)

any of y’all out there have any tips? Dylan? Ryan? etc?

Re: Pedal Grab to rail ride?

All I can suggest, is to smoothly transfer up to the rail, and try to keep all
of your weight over the wheel, while quickly putting the seat under you…


I am not Dylan or Ryan, and I have not had any rail riding experiences apart from train tracks (on which I didn’t get very far). I have seen quite a few skateboard videos in which the rail riders look like they compromise their ability to have children. I think safety gear would be essential. Perhaps some sort of groin protection, a mouthguard, shin pads etc. Short of full plate-mail I think it’s likely to involve pain in learning no matter what you wear. Perhaps Unicycling on rails would be slightly less dangerous for your reproductive organs than Skateboarding because you have something in between your legs most of the time, and if you fell you might be more likely to go down either side rather than straddling the bar. Then again maybe not depending on the fall.

pedal grab to rail ride isn’t one move, its a combination of a couple of diferent moves,

my guess is you’ll need to master:

pedal grab to a statik balance
statik balance on a rail

and no, i can’t.