pedal grab tips

i just got my new kh20 trials and finally just built the courage to thrash it around and start doing fun and difficult trials again, but then realized that it is quite difficult to do pedal grabs compared to crank grabs!!
i can already do crank grabs with ease, but could i get a few hints and tips on how to do pedal grabs smoothly and effectivly?


I guess offers some tutorial videos and other tips but the site seems not to be working.

When I grab the pedal on an obstacle, I lift the uni so the cranks are horizontal. Then I pull up the seat and push my back foot down so I end up on an obstacle with cranks still horizontal. This can be done also as one movement but I prefer doing it in two pieces. With one movement, I mean swinging the uni back and forth on the pedal and then with help of this going “to rubber”.* Lean towards the obstacle!

This takes some practice though, as everything. Better just start learning it gradually: first hop on the obstacle and then later start practicing “to rubber” separately. Guess you know this because you can do crank grab. :slight_smile:

I’m hopping seat in and seat very low. I’ve heard pedal grab would be easier while hopping seat out, but it’s ultimately about how you get used to do it. Balance is the key, as in everything on uni… :slight_smile:

*this means up to the obstacle. :smiley:

Hope this helps.

This video by Joe Baxter shows very well what I call the ‘British’ or ‘European’ way of doing it, as a small flick rapidly after landing combined with a pull up on the seat, launching the uni & rider up and onto the obstacle very quickly. Works best seat-in but can be done seat out too. Yoggi pedalgrabs this way, and Joe learnt from him at BUC05.


You can also do it the swing. I found this way not quite as hard to learn as the no swing way. Once you get it the swing way its nothing to learn the othher way.