pedal grab technique help

in a pedal grap do you land the pedal onto the item(bench wall ect) then put your weight on to that pedal then lift up the seat then jump onto the item¿¿

This video by Joe baxter shows the European style of pedal grab, you don’t ever stop moving, you plant the pedal and flick up onto the obstacle straight to rubber.


you’re going to want to land with all your weight on the pedal you’re grabbing with. it’s just as if you were trying to hop onto an obstacle with one foot (and no unicycle). if you put any weight on the other pedal it’ll be harder to “go to rubber”.

once you’ve landed the pedal grab, you’re going to do something like a one-footed jump mount to go to rubber… hop with your planted foot, pull the uni up and land on the pedals. it’s tough to describe this process… i’d recommend practicing the jump mount first, though.

the two steps here (1: pedal grabbing 2: jump mount / going to rubber) are two skills that can and should be practiced separately before you can effectively combine them.

good luck!

i can jump on to my pedal on an obsical then i just dunno what to do i cant seam to get to rubber oh well

work on pulling up. never over. the over will happen due to your weight being over the object anyway simply to stay on there. that helps some people.

oh, thanks markf. that actually helps a lot. i keep falling over, i’m gonna go try that

He uses his back foot for pedal grabs the same way I do! I’ll have to work on the snap method, it looks like it would work well.

While we are on the subject of pedal grabs, how much harder is it to do a pedal to rubber on a 24in. MUni? I can almost do it, but I’ve never seen it happen in any videos or anything. Maybe it’s just because 20in. is much more common for street/trials. I don’t have a 20in, so I can’t compare it to the 24. I’m basicly wondering if, since I can almost do it on a 24, how much easier would it be if I had a 20?

I think ive seen Kris Holm pedal grabbing a 24"er in one of his tutorial videos ive been trying to find it with no luck i will let you know if i come across it

Great video of Joe.

I had never seen that before. It’s all about timing. I liked the angle that was dead on as Joe pedal grabs and you see the pedal actually land on edge and then he continues on and upward.

I see it being more difficult on a 24, because of the increased radius of the tire, it’s just more to bring up. In Universe I, Kris Holm grabs onto a low chainlink fence and then rotates the wheel up and then over, instead of just bringing it up. But, with practice, anything can be done. BTW, I can’t do pedal grabs yet, but it’s on my list of things to learn.


Here a tutorial from Kris Holm:

if you want the kh tutorials go to then click trials skills and go down to the bottom of that page…theyre all there.