pedal grab sort of question

acctually this is about making pedal grabs easier. what would the effect be for a grab if you had a peice of knobby rubber like a tire piece on the base of your grabbing pedal. kind of like a grind plate but for grabbing not grinding.

what do you guys think of the idea…would it work?



Yeah I’ve never really had a problem with metal pedals not being grippy enough but I guess if you’re trying to pedal grab non-flat surfaces then it could be a great idea you have there.

u could go one better and have mini-ejectors on the underside of each pedal to take the strain out of “getting to rubber” you just press a little button on the handle and it blasts you up… :sunglasses:

im gonna try it when i get my trials ill tell ya how it goes.

I like the sound of this idea, especially if it weights the pedals out nicely.

If you really wanted to prevent slippage, you could put some suction cups on the bottom. :roll_eyes: But seriously, it seems like it would sort of get in the way if your doing alot of tricks; but I can see how it would work pretty well for trials riding. If you are, I say go for it!

i have the rubber i have the mounting plate im going to use and i have hardware to apply my new technology…all i need now is a trials uni lol

I’ve never had a problem either.

Depending on your pedal and your selection of rubber, you may actually lose grip by putting a rubber plate on the bottom of the pedal. My Odyssey JCs have 8 pins on each pedal surface; these pins dig into whatever I’m pedal grabbing (concrete, wood, etc.) and actually give me more grip than if I’m using a pinless pedal.

One advantage to using rubber might be if you don’t want to mark up whatever you’re pedal grabbing. My pedal’s pins have definitely scarred a few picnic benches in the past… :o

it was just a thought

it might make learning easier by softening the landing. i that was a hard part of me in learning. now that i can stick them pretty constently it’s not a problem and might just get in the way. can’t hurt to try though, right?

is it flat rubber, or did you cut it from a knobby tire. It could give more grip, it just depends on what you are grabbing I guess.

This isn’t “new technology.” It’s been thought of, tried, and generally rejected.

I use this on the very rare occasions where I know I will be practicing pedalgrabs onto handrails. Otherwise it’s completely useless and actually reduces grip, especially for pedalgrabs into wood. I take a scrap of innertube and tie it around the bottom of one pedal. Knobbies are stupid, and would only reduce grip and get in the way. If the knobbies don’t make impressions in the material they grip, they will reduce grip, not increase it.

Pedalgrabs (especially 1st part) are one of the easiest trials skills there are. Why would you waste time making unicycle parts in vain attempts to make them easier? The time would be better spent practicing.

Who makes an SN of trials_uni if they don’t have a trials uni?

it is a fairly easy skill to learn. for me though, it took a few weeks of not very serious practice to get them consistantly, maybe 4 rides a week, 1 hour per ride, maybe 20 pedal grab attempts. landing just the pedal and stay on the uni was quite hard for me, but once i got it, getting up to rubber was really easy.