Pedal Grab Help

Hey all,

I’m really struggling with learning the pedal grab. When I try and go to rubber, I pull the seat up and my pedals end up turning almost a full revolution instead of me jumping up. Any help would be appreciated!

i pull up on the seat till the cranks are vertical and then i pull up on the pedal in one fluid motion.

I do crank grabs instead. Pedal grabs are better (you can do them onto slightly higher things as the cranks can be vertical), however it is probably easier to learn crank grabs first. Once you’ve got them, go straight back to pedal grabs.

As Onions said, learning crank grabs first is a good idea. Are you pedal grabbing with your front foot or back foot? The technique for each is a little different.

I pedal grab with my back foot, as I jump to the left, with my right foot forward.

I am complete opposite. i am no much help.

Try pedal grabbing like at 1:36 in this video, it should be easier:

Check out my video tutorial. I ride opposite footed to you and grab with my left foot, but the principles are the same.


Okay I’ll try that. Thanks!

Try both feet. Some preffer to hop to tire right foot forward and pedal/crank grab left or visa versa.