pedal grab help

um firstly if theres already a thread about this could you give me a link.

well anyway im having difficulties with pedal grabs,i can get up onto the thing i pedalgraping on but in the stall part i cant hop from the pedal onto the tire,i no everyones gonna say practise but i have been and i think there might be a better way?

Sure. He called it pedal planting, though.

First of all, can you crankgrab?

If you can, it’s just pretty much the same idea except you have to line up the cranks so it would be like a crank grab other than the cranks not on the object (if that makes sense, this is a little hard to explain). Then you lean in the direction of the object and hop up. I hop up to SIF.

are crank grabs easier.


i was able to crank grab before i could peadal grab so to crank grab just jump as high as you can as if you where going to jump on the object if done right 1 of three things will happen.

  1. you will over jump and land on the object
  2. you will pullof your first succesful crank grab
  3. or you bail epicly