Pedal Extenders on a Disc Type Ultimate Wheel

I’ve been meaning to share this mod for a while now. For the last four months I’ve been riding this configuration of UW almost exclusively, almost everyday, for 1-2 hours:

I use these type of pedal extenders and can arbitrarily set how far from the wheel I want the pedals. For me the sweet spot is 2 of these extenders which totals an extra 55mm away from the wheel.

Beyond allowing an arbitrary distance from the wheel, there is another huge advantage to using these vs just taking a unicycle wheel off (“cranky” ultimate wheel). With a cranky UW, if your feet are not straight on the pedal, or are too close to the inside (either from imperfect mount or shoe sliding on the pedal) then it can happen that as you come down past 3:00 the crank will try to lift your foot off the pedal (since you are partially over the crank), or as you sweep back past 6:00 the crank will hit into your ankle bone.

With an “extended” UW, this does not and cannot happen. The extension is always in the same plane as the pedal, it is always simply an extension of the pedal plane albeit narrower. I can ride with my feet at 45 degrees, or with my feet almost entirely on the extension and off the pedal, there’s no issue. Rides like a dream, to me. :wink:

One reason I prefer this over a disc type UW is that I’ve fallen in love with this (albeit brief for me) feeling of riding while the tire is not touching my leg at all. For me in this extender configuration, for every rev, I get more time where the tire is not touching either leg. I’m still only rarely getting full revs where it doesn’t touch at all, (where I’m simultaneously panicked and excited) but at least that. I never get those with a pure disc UW. With this setup you have much more play before the tire reaches your leg, lots more freedom to handle riding on rough surfaces without the wheel catching your leg. There is something really cool about the feeling of riding this thing and the only point of contact is your feet. It’s like you’re walking on air.


This whole post is the reason I love our sport, for something so mechanically simple as a uni we have such a breadth of types of riding and cool little things you can do to customize your uni. Hats off to you for learning to ride this, I also love when I come up with stupid ideas that work great like this.

Speaking as a former bike mechanic is be wary of doing drops or anything with the extenders as you’re getting a longer lever to apply that force through. Shouldn’t be a huge issue but just something to watch for from a fellow rider that has had their share of bad crashes.

I’m glad your UW turned out great, excited to see more pictures and possibly a video about how you ride it.

With practice do you think you could make it go pretty fast?

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Thank you!

Yeah, I was originally worried about the durability with the extenders. I know some specifically mention not to use more than one, or not to use more than two. I’ve seen others also report that they were able to snap them. But so far, for the riding I’m doing where a single curb is the biggest drop, they (and the UWs) have been beefy enough to take it. I’m not looking forward to having to drill out a snapped one someday, or worse, but I had to try it. :wink:

I got another thread going about trying to ride without the tire ever touching my legs. One suggestion I’ve received on that thread is to try riding much faster than I currently do. So as for:
“With practice do you think you could make it go pretty fast?”
I may be about to try and find out. I’ll post some more videos to show where I get with it. I know that it’s possible. Just gotta see if I push myself the right ways to get there.
Thanks again!

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