OK, I’ve mentioned this before, but only a few people read the forum back then, and some of them didn’t get the idea.

If you’re always mounting left-footed, you tend to break the left pedal. But there are even more people who mount righty. They tend to bust their right pedals.

That means that there are a lot of unmatched pedals out there – and if you’re like me, that means you have a lot of single pedals that you can’t use.

So I’m proposing a pedal exchange. Simply submit a reply to this, announcing what you have (and maybe also what you’d take in trade), and then someone else can post back to you, either private message or by giving their e-ddress. Righties and lefties can exchange pedals this way, saving a lot on pedals since you won’t need to buy a new pair each time you bust just one pedal.

As it stands, I have a few right pedals to throw into the exchange. I’ll write back with specifics later, but they’re all cheapos. Does anyone want one of them in exchange for a cheapo left-foot pedal?

Wow, the only time I’ve ever broken a pedal was on a big drop landed wrong. Do people really break that many pedals?

I too am puzzled about the broken pedal dilemma… unless you’re talking about plastics… I’ve beat the living hell out of my Odyssey JC’s, ground them on concrete, pavement and steel, and they’ve yet to show more than a scrape or three. Why not stop the problem before it starts and use higher quality pedals as opposed to flying through sets of cheapos?

i broke my new set of pinned pedals yesterday. i landed funny on a pedal grab. snap! like 1/4 of my pedal broke off. but its still usable until the next pedlegrab…

Maestro and forrest, you’re just not trying hard enough! I’ve smashed a V8 pedal in a crash doing trials on rocks and broken a chunk out of one of the V8 copies that come with Onza uni’s. The second one is still usable, though not for trials. It’s now on my coker.

I think it’s a great idea David, Good on yer.

Jason, you’ve seen the snafus on my trials unis. The left one has cracks all over the body of it, and the bad side is about as smooth as a grind plate. You can easily wear pedals out roughly pedalgrabbing and grinding on concrete ledges. Jim c’s are a bit harder, but it’s still possible.

I’ve broken 2 wellgo b-37s, bent 2 snafu axles, shattered one Zuzu pedal body, shattered two generic Zuzu knockoff pedals, and cracked one snafu pedal body (6 large cracks in one pedal).

I would participate, but I bend the axles on my right pedals, and shatter or rip pins out of my left pedals. This leaves me nothing to trade, and have enough single pedals laying around the house to last a while. I would replace my severely cracked/worn set of snafus on my trials uni, but I’ve spent 2 years wearing this grind plate into my pedalgrab pedal. What a waste to just throw it away (well, melt it down…).

I can’t believe that people who mount with their right foot get through right hand pedals faster than those who mount with their left. I’ve never noticed this in the riding of myself or any of my friends.

I cant believe only mounting can be so tough on your pedals, maybe suicide mounts but seriusly. I have done drops up to 2 meter without damaging my pedals. The only thing that ruins pedals for me is pedalgrabs.

Hey. I don’t really think its the mounting that hurts the pedals. I always break my left pedals, which I thought was weird at first, considering I grind on my right foot, so that pedal takes a lot more abuse. The thing is, you are more likely to break your back pedal. This is because when you land from a drop, or hopping of some sort and roll forward, your front foot is getting a cushion as it lands and absorbs the shock of the land by moving downwards. The back peal, however, lands and then gets more of a shock as it immediately goes back up without first absorbing any of it. So this is my theory of why the back pedal breaks more often, but I like the peal exchange idea.


when I learnt to ride my uni, I destroyed my plastic pedals equally. I guess that I’m just talented.

Perhaps it is because the mounting foot is usually the back foot in people’s hopping stance, and also usually the foot used for pedal grabs?

There are the few odd people who grind/pedal grab with the front foot though…

As for the exchange, the last time I broke a pedal, I rode with one foot on the spindle until the other pedal broke:p :sunglasses:

Ive bent the axel in one of my snafus… cant remember what side though lol, I think its the left. Another one of those would be nice becuase Im borrowing a pair of pedals off my friend and they have next to no grip… not good for muni lol

plastics ware out from grinding… simple… good idea

A lot of people grind front foot :stuck_out_tongue: It is better to do so imo too.

I’m going to have 5 twisted PCs once my new set comes in. I’m usually looking for a right or left pedal considering that I go through a set every 2-4 months or so. If anyone has any, I might be interested.