Pedal evolution

So… my daughter just got through doing a 2 mile parade on a 16 inch last month and has now “demanded” :astonished: to ride a 20". However, her legs just aren’t long enough even after lowering/cutting the seat post…so I had to come up with something.

It works surprisingly well and she learned to mount on it within 20 minutes.

Just had to share…:slight_smile:



I love the creativity here! :stuck_out_tongue: cheaper than buying new cranks, right? :slight_smile: How old is she, and are her feet slipping off? Somehow my son keeps finding both of his feet off of the pedals, and him careening out of control several feet before falling. Cracks me up.


She’s 6 1/2 and there is no slipping yet. I might get some of that adhesive sandpaper.

I initially thought of finding other cranks, but would rather put the money into a higher quality uni. She keeps eyeing her older siblings’ unicycles so I know that is next on her list. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that used before, and it’s still a great idea.


Either that or…

Or shorter cranks.

Love the cats !

Good point. I wonder how much crank length helps when saddle height is an issue. Hey @Gockie, when you’ve been changing cranks recently, do you also adjust the saddle height ? I can feel the difference, but not significant enough to adjust saddle height, perhaps I should be.

I do on the 36er, (seems it needs to be within a few height to feel correct!) but mostly not on the other unis, unless the seat is obviously too high for me.

Typo in there… Should be “mm”

Looks like a pedal sandwich. :slight_smile:

I think my sister had those on her tricycle when she was a little one. An inexpensive mod that should last until she grows another 1/2" of leg. Plus, it’ll probably extend the life of those whupped-up pedals as well! :slight_smile:

Pedal Blocks

We used to sell wood pedal blocks at the bike shop. You can still buy them. They are essentially what you made, but there is a large rubber band that secures them to the pedal, and adds a bit of traction.